American Standard Undermount Sink Review 2021

Are you glimpsing out for the best sink for your kitchen? If yes, then these writings will be too helpful for you as we are here up with the American standard undermount 30*18 sink review.

The kitchen sink is the essential element in the kitchen, and it is necessary to make the best choice as it would be further convenient for use. The undermount sinks are the best choices in this case. The edge is exposed in the region where the Sink has been installed. So while making the selection of undermount Sink, the users should ensure that the countertop they have is made up of a solidified surface.

Many factors need to be considered in the case of the under-mount sinks, too; they are as mentioned in the below lines-

  1. The size of the kitchen and the Sink should be relative.
  2. The style of the kitchen and the Sink should match correctly.
  3. It should fit in the budget.

So by considering these factors, we concluded that the American Standard Undermount 30*18 would be the best choice made by you.

How To Choose The Perfect Sink?

The quality of the sink depends upon the raw matter used. Given below are the various types of materials with different properties. Read this to know more about them.

  1. Stainless steel: It is used on a large scale to design sinks. The stainless coat prevents oxidation and makes it durable. It can be blended with other materials to enhance its properties. Easy maintenance and provides a bacteria-free surface.
  2. Granite Composite: It is the composition of Granite and Acrylic resin, well known for its durability. Can be easily cleaned without chemicals. It has a versatile finish due to the agglomeration of Granite stone and the synthetic filler. But they are comparatively expensive.
  3. Cast Iron: These sinks offer variety in their installation type and colors. They provide resistance to leakage and cracks as cast iron is the strongest metal.
  4. Fireclay: It is prepared from clay and glaze after combining them under high temperatures. It repels corrosion and has no action of chemicals. This is easy to clean and will add glamour to your kitchen.
  5. Porcelain-coated: Its enameled surface provides flexibility in designing it. You can pick any color that suits the furniture. The Porcelain-coat gives it a glossy look.
  6. Acrylic Sinks: If you desire to install a unique sink, then choose this one. This material is long-lasting as the cracks formed after frequent use can be filled with similar matter.

American Standard Undermount 30*18 sink 

Are you looking out for a sink that provides you the simplest and a clean look? If yes, then this Sink will be the best choice made by you. This Sink is manufactured by considering all the American Standards. The workspace provided by this Sink is also more so this is easy to use.


  1. This Undermount is equipped with stainless steel having 18 gauge.
  2. The dimensions of the Sink are 30*18*9.
  3. Is equipped with a 9028000.075 drain.
  4. The instructions of installation, the template of the cutout, and hardware with the installation process.
  5. The cabinet required for this undermount is 36 inches.
  6. Soundsecure option is added to it to mark it safe from the vibration and noise that is not required.
  7. The weight of this item is 17 pounds.
  8. The material used for manufacturing this product is stainless steel, and even the color of this product is stainless steel.
  9. This product makes use of the method of undermount installation.
  10. Is equipped with tight corners along with a slick design.
  11. Good pads are present at the top as well as bottom position.



  • Countertop water can easily seep.
  • The process of cleaning is simple since no rim is used.
  • Has a smooth look.
  • Possess a better quality as compared to the overmount Sink.
  • Noise level is reduced.
  • It can be used for multiple purposes.


  • The use of detergent and water might increase.
  • Counterspace required can get increased.
  • The process of installation is a bit expensive.


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Buying guide of Undermount Kitchen Sink-

The below-mentioned aspects should be considered before purchasing the Undermount kitchen sink.

1)  Select the Sink of the proper Material-

The kitchen sinks are made up of different materials like cast iron, porcelain, stainless steel, etc. So before choosing the material, the user can think about the number of times the Sink might be needed to be cleaned.

If your kitchen remains filthy for a lot of time, it will be better if you choose to have a kitchen sink made up of stainless steel.

2) Choose the correct size-

While selecting the undermount kitchen sink for you, it is expected that a proper choice of size is made relative to the kitchen.

3) Choose the correct style-

The style of the Sink should match with the type of your kitchen in case of colors, etc.


1) What are the dimensions of the interior surface of the Undermount?

 The dimensions of the interior surface are 28*15*16.

2) How much is the radius of the corners present inside this Sink?

The radius of the corners present inside this Sink is 2-39/64,” and it is situated at an angle of  90 degrees.

3) What is the minimum width is necessary for the cabinet?

Minimum width of 36″ is needed for the cabinet.

4) Can the sink base of 30 inches be installed?

Yes, the sink base of 30 inches can be installed.

5) Which type of kitchen sink is the one as mentioned earlier?

The American standard kitchen sink of 30*18 dimensions is the under-mounted kitchen sink.

So this was all regarding the American standard undermount 30*18 undermount kitchen sink. In this article, we came across the pros, cons, and essential features of this product. This writings also signified the benefits of having an under-mounted kitchen sink. It not only provides a smooth look but the other process of cleaning and maintaining it is minimized. So do have a  look through this product for having a better experience with it in future.

So we hope that we cleared most of the misconceptions and doubts that you had regarding this product. If you like reading our writings, then do like and share our writings.

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