Bar Sink Undermount Review – Lordear 15 Inch Undermount Sink

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Bar Sink Undermount – Product Guide

When it comes to stainless steel kitchen sinks, Lordear is the brand on top of others. It is one of the leading brands with best-selling sinks that add beauty to your kitchen.

The making of this brand name in kitchen sinks is a credit to the durable designs of sinks from the company. Here is one of the top-rated products by Lordear.

The Lordear 15 Inch Undermount Sink stainless steel sink is rated a 4.7 out of 5 stars by customers with over 2,891 customer reviews.

One thing which I really like about this product is the premium and durable chrome finish. Although, stainless-steel is extremely durable, it still lacks the rust-resistance and elegant looks of chrome. And it’s not just me!

While I was reading the user reviews on Amazon, thousands of customer praised this product for its unique looks and how it blends ergonomically with their designed kitchen environment.

How To Choose The Perfect Bar Sink Undermount?

The quality of the sink depends upon the raw matter used. Given below are the various types of materials with different properties. Read this to know more about them.

  1. Stainless steel: It is used on a large scale to design sinks. The stainless coat prevents oxidation and makes it durable. It can be blended with other materials to enhance its properties. Easy maintenance and provides a bacteria-free surface.
  2. Granite Composite: It is the composition of Granite and Acrylic resin, well known for its durability. Can be easily cleaned without chemicals. It has a versatile finish due to the agglomeration of Granite stone and the synthetic filler. But they are comparatively expensive.
  3. Cast Iron: These sinks offer variety in their installation type and colors. They provide resistance to leakage and cracks as cast iron is the strongest metal.
  4. Fireclay: It is prepared from clay and glaze after combining them under high temperatures. It repels corrosion and has no action of chemicals. This is easy to clean and will add glamour to your kitchen.
  5. Porcelain-coated: Its enameled surface provides flexibility in designing it. You can pick any color that suits the furniture. The Porcelain-coat gives it a glossy look.
  6. Acrylic Sinks: If you desire to install a unique sink, then choose this one. This material is long-lasting as the cracks formed after frequent use can be filled with similar matter.


Here are few frequently asked questions which will clear your last minute doubts


  • The brushed finish top-rated kitchen sink from Lordear is a drop-in under mount installation with pre-drilled single hole for sink
  • The sink material of manufacturing is premium T304 grade stainless steel.
  • The bar prep sink has zero radius sharp edge corners.
  • The commercial-grade brushed finish makes it easy to hide the scratches and dents if any come up.
  • The sink has a sloped bottom to prevent water from stagnating and a four grooved drain on the sink bottom for easy flow
  • This 15 inches top mount sink contains a 1-inch wide and 1/4-inch high rim around the sink that perfectly sits around
  • The top mount rim is 8-gauge steel thick, while the entire sink built up of 16 gauge stainless steel material provides durability
  • The product comes with heavy padding for soundproof effect and undercoating to reduce the noise while the sink is in use.
  • The sink comes with 3.5 inches drain opening to fit all the garbage disposal through it and prevent the drain from clogging.
  • The box contains Bottom Rinse Grid, Basket Strainer Drain, and Mounting Clips as additional accessories with the sink.

Technical Aspects

  • Product size dimensions: 15 x 15 x 9 inches
  • Item weight: 22.6 pounds
  • Minimum Base Cabinet Size: 18 inches
  • Shape: Square
  • Style: Tirana


  • Scratch hiding feature.
  • Additional accessories included.
  • Very lightweight sink.
  • Soundproof undercoating.
  • Sloppy bottom sink surface.
  • Drop-in top mounts easy installation.
  • Luxurious brushed finish.
  • Four grooves drainage system.
  • Durable, sturdy and long-lasting.


  • Zero radius sharp edge corners.
  • Not so easy to clean.
  • Small sink bowl size.
  • Only top mount installable.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does the sink have proper noise insulation?

Ans- Yes, the sink has proper noise insulation to cancel noise and vibration with a 2.5x better noise cancellation feature.

2.What is the sink cabinet fixture size?

Ans- The sink can easily fit in a minimum of 24″ cabinet size to a maximum of 36″ cabinet size, as per the size you choose from.

3.Is the sink easy to clean and maintain?

Ans- Yes, it is a stainless steel sink that makes it is perfect for daily use. The sink requires less maintenance and, minimal cleaning.

4.What are the additional accessories in the box other than the Undermount Sink?

Ans- The purchased box will contain the following items apart from the sink.

  • Bottom grate included for scratch protection
  • Lidded drain strainer
  • Two food graded colander set
  • Stainless caddy containing suction
  • Mounting clip brackets for installation
  • Template with cut out
  • A user manual
  • Care & award flyers

5.What is meant by the T304 stainless steel, as is mentioned in the product description?

Ans- 304 Stainless steel series manufactured using carbon contents of three varieties, with carbon content low, medium, and high, for T304L, T304, and T304H, respectively. Of these, T304 is ideal for kitchen sink applications and its accessories. It is because it has balanced strength and durability. Also, T304 is corrosion-free.


Stainless steel sinks are the best for daily usage. Lordear is a top brand for stainless steel sinks, as mentioned. In addition,

Lordear 15 Inch Undermount Sink is one of the top-rated products with a rating of 4 out of 5 based on customer experiences, and reviews are the best choice to make.

I hope this will help you make the right choice. Do share your experiences and comments down in the comment box! Still any doubts? Send your queries in the comment box.

We await to help you out in any possible manner. For buying the product on and other relevant details, click on the buy now link mentioned above. This marks the end; catch you guys in the next one. Peace!

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