Reversible Fireclay Farmhouse Sink Review

Are you looking for a stylish sink to add to your farmhouse beauty? If yes, keep your worries aside, as we are here to provide you with a beautiful reversible fireclay farmhouse sink.

We can understand why you are in search of such a sink. You fit this sink in your farmhouse kitour reason about why are you into this. Since going to make it appear more beautiful, clean, and lavish! The comfortable installation choice is the most attractive part of the sink.

Every other person prefers scratch and stain-free sinks. The high-grade fireclay blend is going to save your sink from all these disadvantages.

How To Choose The Perfect Sink For Farmhouse?

The quality of the sink depends upon the raw matter used. Given below are the various types of materials with different properties. Read this to know more about them.

  1. Stainless steel: It is used on a large scale to design sinks. The stainless coat prevents oxidation and makes it durable. It can be blended with other materials to enhance its properties. Easy maintenance and provides a bacteria-free surface.
  2. Composite of the Granite : It is the composition of Granite and Acrylic resin, well known for its durability. Can be easily cleaned without chemicals. It has a versatile finish due to the agglomeration of Granite stone and the synthetic filler. But they are comparatively expensive.
  3. Cast Iron: These sinks offer variety in their installation type and colors. They provide resistance to leakage and cracks as cast iron is the strongest metal.
  4. Fireclay: It is prepared from clay and glaze after combining them under high temperatures. It repels corrosion and has no action of chemicals. This is easy to clean and will add glamour to your kitchen.
  5. Coating of Poreclain: Its enameled surface provides flexibility in designing it. You can pick any color that suits the furniture. The Porcelain-coat gives it a glossy look.
  6. Acrylic Sinks: If you desire to install a unique sink, then choose this one. This material is long-lasting as the cracks formed after frequent use can be filled with similar matter.

 Product description:

A reversible fireclay farmhouse sink is constructed using advanced glazing technology. One side of this sink is having more length than the other. The longer sides are given a different fluted design, or the corners are made round. The installation options of the sink are in your hands. In this way, you can choose whichever side you are comfortable with. It is designed with a deep bowl for heavy-duty use.


  • The brand of the product is Latoscana.
  • The color of the sink is White.
  • The construction material utilized over here is Ceramic.
  • It is up with the dimensions of 33*18*10 inches.
  • Its drain opening is standard, which is 3 1/2″
  • The style of the sink is Italian-based.
  • The longer sides of the sink’s interior are given a fluted design while the other sides are kept smooth.
  • Different variety of installation methods are made available, just like undermount, raised sink, or flushed mount.


  • Heat-resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Stain-resistant
  • No overflow
  • No requirement for a flange
  • Contains basket strainers
  • It prevents crazing and yellowing


  1. Costlier than other sinks
  2. Occupies large space
  3. Not suitable for every type of kitchen

Buying Guide Of Reversible Farmhouse Sink:

Following are some guidelines that will ensure that you will buy a perfect sink for your kitchen;

1. Material that should be chosen for your sink bowl.

The cheapest choice for a kitchen sink is a stainless steel sink. For these sinks, one stroke wipe is enough to keep it neat and clean. However, one may also note that stainless steel sinks use a thin layer of steel which means they are noisier.

A fashionable choice would fetch you a ceramic fireclay material. It is indeed a traditionally attractive choice. This material is simple in cleaning and doing further maintenance. But quality always comes with money.

Granite composite sinks are also preferable as they are solid and heat-resistant. In addition, they are available in a variety of designs and colors that suit every kitchen décor.

2. The dimensions of the sink.

The shape and size of the sink that you use should be relevant and proportionate to your kitchen area. Here, one advantage pops up. Smaller the kitchen, smaller will be the sink. Thus, the cost will also be reduced.

3. Color of the sink.

It must adequately suit the color of your kitchen. Color perception has a notable impact on the appearance of your place.

4. Cost-effective

Not always does a high cost mean that the choice is best. Your purchase should support every aspect, such as the time duration for which the sink will be used, the number of utensils that will be washed in it, meaning, whether spending the amount is worth the output, etc.

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1. What is meant by a ‘reversible’ sink?

A reversible sink means that all of its four sides aren’t equal in dimensions. Two of them are longer than the other sides with a different design.


2. What is the amount of space needed for a reversible fireclay sink?

The reversible kitchen sink is famous for its ample space. In addition, its large area makes it easier for heavy-duty use.


3. What amount does the user need to bear for a reversible fireclay farmhouse sink?

The cost is higher than standard kitchen sinks. However, the quality of making and the advantages push the bill a bit higher.


4. Does it come with a waste disposal system?

Yes! It has got a strainer basket which collects the small amount of food left in your dishes. Only water drains out of the pipe, and the waste can be removed from the filter.


5. Do I have to clean it now and then to make it look clean?

You will be relieved to know that you would not take a lot of effort to keep it clean. Its fireclay-based structure makes it stain-free, and no yellowing is observed.


6. Is fireclay better than other sink materials?

Fireclay is much better as it is resistant to alkalis, acids, and scratches. It is also chip-resistant.



Given above is a brief description of a reversible fireclay farmhouse sink.  All you need to do is to add this unique aspect to your kitchen to adore it more. However, if good appearance is your priority, you must surely give our product a second thought. Not only does it work upon the attractiveness of your place, but it also provides you with some valuable features.

Almost all the facts, pros, cons, and features of this particular sink have been made available to you through this article. We hope that this article pleases you to praise this product. If you are impressed by our writing, please do like and share it.

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